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Each shop at TinkerMill has been assigned their own unique shop colors. These colors are used to identify tools and equipment that belong to the shop. A poster of the shop colors is centrally located on the north door of the Main Space. If you find a tool marked with shop colors that is out of place, please return it to the shop where it belongs.

Shop Name Color 1 Color 2 Color 3
Blacksmithing Blue White
Classroom Brown Green
Electronics Yellow Black
General Purpose Black Green
Glassworks and Lampworking Green Blue
Ham Radio Red Black
Internet of Things (IoT) Purple White
IT Infrastructure Yellow Brown
Jewelry and Metalcraft Navy Blue Light Blue
Lapidary Black Blue
Machine Shop Green Gray
Paint Shop Red Yellow Blue
Pottery and Ceramics Orange Blue
Rapid Prototyping Fluorescent Red Fluorescent Yellow
Robotics Purple Yellow
Sculpture Yellow Maroon
ShopBot Blue Brown
Stained Glass Mauve
Textiles Yellow Orange
Welding Red White
Woodshop Red Blue