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Welcome to the Tinkermill Pottery

Our pottery studio is a cooperative space where we as a community strive to maintain a functioning and safe environment. Respect for each other, the studio, and Tinkermill as a whole are very important. With that in mind, we ask that you read and agree to the General Studio Policies which are linked below.

In our studio, we have two Skutt wheels with changeable direction for either right or left-handed throwing (https://skutt.com/products-page/potters-wheels/classic/), a wedging table, and a work table. We have a slab roller, many throwing and handbuilding tools, and a digitally controlled kiln. We also have many shelves where you can keep your work as it moves through the process from creation to completion. We fire two types of clay that can be acquired in the studio for a donation of $1/lb. They are low fire cone ^04 Earthenware and mid-fire cone ^6 Stoneware. We also provide glaze for both low fire and mid fire clay.

Tinkermill’s pottery is a self-supporting shop. As such we rely on member donations to keep the shop running and available for use. We request shop use donations in the following ways. Shop use $2 per Hour $5 per Day Or $20 Per Month Kiln use $5 per kiln load if shop use donations have been contributed This is for one piece or a full load $8 per bisque and $10 per glaze if no shop use donation. This is for one piece or a full load The donation jar is on the shelf next to the inside door.

The basic rules: All cleaning must be done with water. Never dry sweep clay debris.

You are allowed to bring your own clay to use as long as it is either ^04 or ^6. Please verify firing temp with your clay supplier prior to purchasing. The Tinkermill is not responsible for overfired or underfired clay due to poor labeling, however, the member will be responsible for damaged clay shelves. We do not fire hi-fire clay to ^10. All pottery must be labeled with the cone temp and initials or registered mark. Examples of labels for Earthenware clay are: E, Low-fire, ^04, cone 04 Examples of labels for Stoneware clay are: S, mid-fire, ^6, cone 6

You are allowed to bring your own glaze. All personal glaze much match your clay body. Only buy low-fire ^04 glaze for Earthenware and mid-fire ^5/6 for Stoneware. All glaze must be led free. Please take a picture of the label and send it to the glaze group in slack if you are a member, or to pottery@tinkermill.org if you are not a member.

Wedging clay can be done on pretty much any surface in the studio as long as the area is completely cleaned after. In other words, if you want to wedge on cement the floor works well, but all clay residue must be sponged up after. There are also wood, plaster, and marble surfaces to use. Only wedge as much clay as you think you will need.

A day in the studio from beginning to end. Upon entry please survey the cleanliness of the studio. If there are problem areas you are able to quickly deal with, please do so. Before pictures can be sent to the group or to pottery@tinkermill.org.

Pull out and weigh the clay you plan to use. Wedge and divide into balls for throwing. Wrap each ball in plastic which can be found in the black bin under the table. Collect your tools. There is a tool bin for each wheel with the basic tools needed. Any additional tools can be found on the tool shelf.