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The IT Infrastructure at TinkerMill consists of a few desktops, laptops and printers distributed throughout the facility for use by members. There are a few dedicated machine side PC's for interfacing with pieces of equipment such as the Laser cutter, the ShopBot and 3D printers. In addition we have a small hypervised server infrastructure for local monitoring and backup functions.


Improve and maintain the performance and reliability of the compute equipment and network through the use of sound best practices and tapping into the experience and expertise of members interested in helping out.


To provide both a Production environment for running the day-to-day operational needs and Development/Test environment for members to experiment in.

Contact us[edit]

We host a weekly team meeting on Tuesday nights at 8PM. This is a good time to meet some of the members who handle the care and feeding. It is also a good place to verbalize requests. We keep a running lists of the TODO's where members have update access. Operating 100% on volunteerism we are always looking for those interested in helping out. Whether you're interested in software development, system administration or network configuration.

If you can't make the weekly meeting you can reach us on slack #network channel



Clonezilla Backups


If you rebuild VMHOST2 then you may need to configure GRUB2 so that it uses GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE=hidden.

To do this, as root add GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE=hidden to /etc/default/grub, then run update-grub.

Otherwise the system may appear to wait indefinitely at the GRUB prompt for no reason. We think this may be due to the system thinking it sees key presses.