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Slack Channels[edit]

  • #donkeycar
  • #robotics
  • #robotics-sparkfun-avc (Obsolete)

Current Projects[edit]

Donkeycar (Open Source Autonomous Vehicle)[edit]

Class Series

  • Mechanical Session - Dissect an Exceed branded chassis and wire a Raspberry Pi and Camera to it
  • Programming Session - Flash Donkeycar software to SD card and SSH into car

To be determined

  • Programming Session Part 2 / Training Session Part 1? - Calibrate throttle/servo control, play with simulator, train on track
  • Training Session Part 2? - TBD

TinkerTown! OPEN TO THE PUBLIC[edit]


  • 7,554 sqft robot race arena located across Delaware Place
  • Modeled for 1/16th and 1/10th vehicle sizes
  • Complete with an outer race track with sharp curves and an inner "town"
  • (Future upgrades)
    • Operational traffic signs
    • Road/detour signs
    • Pedestrian walks with collidable pedestrians
    • Road objects/hazards
    • Collidable town buildings
    • Two way opposing traffic
    • Autonomous police car, school bus, etc.

Future/Potential Projects[edit]

  • Regional Donkeycar/Autonomous Vehicle Competition (alternative Sparkfun AVC competition)
  • Propose One! Meet with us on our bi-weekly Thursday Robot Discussion Meetups at 7pm