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Machines in Tinkermill Machine Shop

Mitek CNC vertical milling machine, 15"(Y)x28"(X)x15"(Z) NMTB40 tooling

Two Manual milling machines (One Bridgeport brand, one SuperMax YC-1 1/2VA - a Bridgeport clone)

Two Nardini 1640 Lathes. The tool posts on both are BXA and tail stock taper is 3MT. Threading is inch on one and metric on the other.

Band Saw (blade length is 93-1/2", typical width is 1/2", typical thickness is 0.025", and typical tooth count is 14 TPI - McMaster-Carr)

Drill Press

Pedestal Grinder

Deckle single flute grinder - Operating Manual

Bovar-Schultz Challenge 6-18 Hydraulic Surface Grinder - Operating Manual

52" sheet metal roll/press brake/shear tool - Operating Manual

Sheet metal hand tools

Tooling, granite plate, inspection tools.


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