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TinkerAccess is an RFID Access Control System that was developed and built at TinkerMill. The main purpose of TinkerAccess is to prevent unauthorized users from using the machine as well as helping keep track of who is using the machine and when.

TinkerAccess node. LED is blue indicating that the device is ready for RFID fob scan.
Side view of TinkerAccess node. The red button is used to log off.
Top view of TinkerAccess node. LED is green indicating that the device is in use and the machine is enabled.

How to Use:[edit]

  1. Scan RFID fob over scanner area. Access will either be granted or denied.
  2. The timer can be reset without interruption to the machine by re-scanning your RFID fob.
  3. To log off, press the log off button on the side of the enclosure. This will end your session.

Devices and Areas with TinkerAccess:[edit]


Q: What Should I do if TinkerAccess locks up?

A: Please report it in the #TinkerAccess channel on Slack. Do not simply remove power from the TinkerAccess node as this can cause data corruption.

Q: What if someone badges over me during my session?

A: If someone badges over you during your session they will simply replace you as the user being recorded. It will not interrupt the machine power/operation.

Q: I have taken the class but am not in the system.

A: Contact the instructor to have them manually add you.

If there are any other questions, feel free to reach out to Matt Stallard on Slack or via email: @matt.stallard or matthew.stallard@tinkermill.org