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Powermatic Drum Sander PM2244

(Still under construction)

Tool link: http://www.powermatic.com/us/en/p/pm2244-drum-sander-1-3-4hp-115v/1792244

Usage Guidelines:

1. Get trained on this tool before use. It is a highly precise tool. Respect the tool.

2. You must use your own sandpaper roll. Get trained on how to load the paper. Each roll of abrasive is about 13 bucks per roll.

3. Always clean the abrasive sandpaper roll after each use.

4. Do not make adjustments to the alignment or tables. Contact a shop captain for help first if something looks out of alignment. Users should only need to adjust the feed speed and height.

5. Pay attention to manufacturer specified maximum and minimum dimensions for stock:

Maximum board width: single pass: 22 in. (559 mm); two passes – 44 in. (1188 mm)
Maximum board thickness: 4 in. (102 mm)
Minimum board length: 2-3/8 in. (60 mm)
Minimum board thickness:  1/32 in. (0.8 mm) 

6. The burning of the belt will occur, especially with higher grits (greater than 80), if the depth is reduced too quickly. Slowly remove material with higher grits.

Abrasives: Sandpaper rolls are now available to purchase from TinkerMill. Various grits are available, 80 and 100 grit are standard at TinkerMill for $10 each.

If the template that is used to cut abrasive strips to fit the drum sander ever needs to be created again, the VCarve design can be found here:File:Drum Sander Template Final - ShopBot.dxf. The wiki would not let me upload a .CRV file, so I had to give it a DXF extension. Rename the file after downloading.

Sandpaper rolls can also be purchased on Amazon or the internet or other local sources, although they are likely more expensive and less convenient. Edit this page if you find out where they can be found locally. A few links to get started.

Variety Pack:




Operation Manual:

Remote Link: http://content.powermatic.com/assets/manuals/1792244_man_EN.pdf

Locally Saved PDF: File:1792244 drum sander manual EN.pdf

Manufacture and Relevant Video:


Decent Drum Sander overview for a different model than what we have. Reference the Powermatic abrasive loading and feeding instructions.


TM Usage Video: To be made

How to make Abrasives from large rolls:

A template is available in the storage room. The top (3 parts) and bottom (3 parts) set of templates sandwich the belt which is 3 inches wide. Belts that are 2 7/8" will not work. The belt should be placed grit side down. The front and back tapers should be cut with an utility knife. Rolls should be made about 2.5" in diameter and wrapped with masking tape with the grit number written on the outside and $10 so members know how much to pay at the front iPad.

Video: https://youtu.be/luIzJHFWhcA

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