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TinkerMill Robotics Areas of Focus[edit]

Community and Learning[edit]

  • Robotics Courses
  • Learning through doing
  • Other Area Robotics Groups


We will be building different mobile robot bases for a series of different applications/challenges. Each will build on the basic infrastructure of the others. The series of robots are:

1) An indoor mobile robot base with basic navigation skills. This robot base will be extendable as we develop more and better sensors, navigation algorithms and additional components.

2) Concurrently with #1 we will build the first extension to make the robot base able to perform as a TinkerMill ambassador. This will include a robot head at minimum and possible an entire human like torso and arms. The ambassador robot will be able to recognize faces and give greetings as well as perform delivery tasks around the ‘mill. Of course it will have a compartment for delivery of goods (refrigerated?)

3) Completion date 11/2017. Use the software infrastructure developed for #1 above, integrated with a different set of navigation sensors, we will build a mobile robot to compete in this year’s Sparkfun AVC. We will use the RC base already developed by Joe and Clark as the chassis for this robot. The AVC this year is this October and will be held at the Denver MakerFaire.

4) Completion data 4/2018. Using the above infrastructures and sensors, along with a specialized sensor, we will build a mobile robot to complete in the NASA Robotics Challenge. This competition will be held in April 2018.