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Frequently Asked Questions[edit]

These questions are general in nature. You might also check the Frequently Asked Questions on the Teaching Classes#Frequently Asked Questions page.

  1. How can I request a class?
    Post a request to the appropriate Slack channel. If none seem appropriate, use the General channel.
  2. Someone is giving a class in a space and using equipment I needed to use today. How can I be informed of when classes will take resources I need to use?
    Check the MeetUp calendar. Bookmark it. Refer to it when equipment needs are critical to you. Scheduled classes have precedence.
  3. How do you know if I'm certified - how can I check if I was certified on the most current equipment?
    Some shops keep records of those who have been certified. Check with the shop captain.
  4. Can anyone use the soldering tools whether they are a member or not? How does one know if a tool requires certification?
    Good questions. The easy answer is to ask the shop captain. Anyone can use the electronic soldering irons. (Gas fueled soldering torches always require certification.)
  5. I am not a member of TinkerMill but I'd like to take classes there. What is the policy?
    As a non-profit, TinkerMill makes all classes open to the public. However, you will find that members always will pay the same or less for a class than non-members.
  6. I am not a member but have taken a TinkerMill class that certifies use of a tool (laser cutter, e.g.). Can I now use that tool?
    Related: I am a jewelry maker and am away from my home shop temporarily. I am not a TinkerMill member. Is there a way I can use the flex-shaft at TinkerMill for a few hours to finish a piece?
    Non-members may use a tool during the certification class at the instructor's discretion. To use it at any other time, you must also be a current TinkerMill member. Consider joining the starving hacker/student membership level for $25/mo. Upon submitting the documentation and paying your first month's fee, you are a fully-fledged member.
  7. I am not a member but I have some projects for which I'd like to use the TinkerMill space. I'd do it at home, but I don't really have a good working space. They're craft things, no tools necessary besides a glue gun, a paint brush, and a razor. Is there a chance I could bring my stuff and work on it there? What do I need to do?
    As a non-profit, we are open to the public provided a member is present. As long as you bring your own materials, you can work on the tables in the main room. Dues are only $50 a month and starving artists are $25 a month with a couple hours of community service. Non-members wishing to use the space are highly encouraged to sign up, if only for one month. The classes are also open to the public. You must sign a waiver at the front desk before coming in.
  8. Is the Tinkermill space available for meetings or small groups? I.e. are we able to rent out a room or a space?
    Yes. As a non-profit, we are open to the public provided a member is present. There may be a small usage fee depending on the situation. Contact
  9. I have an arrangement with TinkerMill for volunteering 2 hours a month. Can I pay those hours by offering classes?
    Yes, if you have something you can teach, go ahead. If you earn enough to pay the membership dues, everybody wins.
  10. Some equipment has an "RFID" access. How do I get that access?"
    All TinkerMill members are asked to attend a New Member Orientation. This is where we discuss some of the more important points of being a TinkerMill member and where we provide you with an RFID badge and a email address. If you have already submitted your new member paperwork and your first dues payment, you should sign up for the next New Member Orientation. They're typically held on the first and third Wednesdays of the month and you can always see when the next one is scheduled by checking the TinkerMill Meetup Calendar. Then you must take the certification class and your RFID will be added so that you can use the tool.

10/5/2016 - Note from Lynne: The above questions were posted in, slack, and other discussions. Some questions posed may not have posted answers yet. This is "Frequently ASKED questions" after all. 8-}