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A Shop Captain or Co-Captain is a dedicated volunteer that leads a shop space. They oversee shop, and can delegate a variety of tasks to other champions in the space. Shop Captain Responsibilities:

  • Engage in ongoing communications about the shop with TinkerMill members, other shop captains, admin team, and the general public
  • Engage in monthly admin meetings
  • Prepare and follow an annual financial budget
  • Submit purchasing requests on behalf of shop
  • Ensuring that shop is clean, organized, and safe
  • Ensuring that all shop equipment and tools are maintained in good working order
  • Ensuring that all shop equipment and tools are inventoried regularly
  • Ensuring that certification classes are offered regularly
  • Maintaining schedule of events
  • Maintaining an accurate roster of certifications, certification instructors, and certified members for certification-required tools and equipment,
  • Maintaining an adequate stock of consumable shop supplies

List of Shop Captains[edit]

Shop Name Shop Captain(s)
Blacksmithing Jason Akia and Erik Stevenson
Electronics and Robotics Richard Paasch and Devon Hindorff
Ham Radio Sebastian Wessels
Jewelry, Metalcraft, & Lapidary Crystal Hinds and Jon Kell
Flameworking (also known as Glassworks) Jacob Hammack
Machine Shop Todd Franks and Sebastian Wessels
Paint Shop Chad Marks and Stephen Beaton
Pottery/Ceramics Sima Pierce and Aubrey Maryniak
Rapid Prototyping Tyler Dow and Lee Thornhill
Stained Glass Kelli Wildman
Textiles Shop Chad Marks and Josefine Kraushaar
Welding Natalia Janusz and Tim Marsho
Woodshop Jeff Moore, Erik Akia, and Ben Bohren

Shop Captain Resources[edit]

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