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Hi. You're awesome or you wouldn't be here![edit]

You have unique skills, knowledge and background that we are excited to have at Tinkermill. We can't wait to get to know you. Tinkermill is an exciting place packed with discovery and adventure. As such, it is frequently the case that with so much opportunity new members can feel overwhelmed at first. So, how do you get going? Where is the on-ramp? Here are some pathways that seem to be succeeding in ramping up new folks like you to fully engaged members:[edit]

  • Take the New Member Orientation. Really. It is the best place to start and goes over all this info plus lots more. Check the MeetUp calendar for the next one.
  • In fact, take some time to explore the events scheduled on the calendar. Follow the links for descriptions. Many are free and some have a charge to cover instructor time, shop fees and materials. Some are for the sole purpose of certifying you to use equipment. Some are for projects you can make. Some are just opportunities to explore the possibilities. You can set up a Meetup too, by the way.
  • Come to the Tuesday evening weekly meetings at 7:00. Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about what excites you. This is a great step in finding a kindred spirit and/or an initial path to take where you can engage further.
  • Join Slack. Then bookmark it or install the slack app on all your devices. Look through the channels available. Join an interesting channel. Ask a question, make a comment. Start a new channel for an unrepresented topic. It is a very active place. It uses your Tinkermill email address, so check that account from time to time. For help with Slack check out SLACK 101.
  • Actually, joining in is the key to getting involved at Tinkermill. Whatever draws you in, show up, listen, inquire, share, teach. That is the best way to experience the culture.
  • Be open to serendipity. It happens all the time here.
  • Volunteer.
  • Did I say volunteer? That's what members do. It is really fun even (especially) if you don't know anyone yet. There is a Volunteer channel on Slack where things needing attention get posted. There are also white boards scattered around that list what volunteers can do to help out a shop. There is most certainly something you can do and in the end, it feels good to contribute to the Tinkermill community.
  • Contact the captain of a shop you're interested in. You'll find some sort of poster at each shop with contact info for the captain. There is also contact info at the Shop Captains wiki page.
  • Come to an Admin meeting held the second Sunday of every month at 11:00. Open to all members.
  • Come to the Sunday afternoon Open Houses from 2-4PM. Maybe tag along on another tour. Share your excitement about being a new member.
  • Spend a bit of time at shops where someone is doing something. Ask them what they are doing.

It is an exciting and active place. Share your enthusiasm. We look forward to seeing you around.