Mold Making

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This is a page about making molds. It will be focused on rubber molds (polyurethane rubber, silicone).

Mold making materials[edit]

Polyurethane rubber[edit]

Silicone rubber[edit]

Tin cure[edit]

Platinum cure[edit]


Factors to consider when making a mold[edit]

  • 1 part, 1 part tear, or 2 part mold
  • Mold box
  • Mold release
  • Rubber hardness & viscosity
    • Shore hardness
    • Vacuum degassing
    • Pressure casting
  • Master material
    • Porosity & sealing
    • Materials that inhibit curing
      • Sulfur
      • Some plastics (see below)

Making mold of 3D printed parts[edit]

Cure inhibition[edit]

  • SLA resin

Mitigating cure inhibition[edit]


Where to get mold making materials[edit]

  • Reynolds Advanced Materials (Denver)
  • Sculpture Depot (Loveland)
  • Rio Grande