Miter (Chop) Saw

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DeWalt DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

(Still under construction)

Tool link:

Usage Guidelines:

1. Get trained on this tool before use. It is a highly precise tool. Respect the tool. All users must be trained and checked out (hands-on usage) on the tool before using. Only reading the Wiki article does not constitute training. These resources are provided as references after you have been trained to use the tool. Please add useful information to this page.

2. Do not make adjustments to the alignment or tables. Contact a shop captain for help first if something looks out of alignment. Users should only need to adjust the feed speed and height.

3. Allow the blade to stop before raising the blade after a cut.

Types of Cuts and General usage

Specifics of using the sliding feature of our saw

Operation Manual:

Remote Link:,DWS780.pdf#_ga=2.215569239.1977575394.1524197243-743721580.1524197243

Manufacture and Relevant Video:

TM Usage Video: To be made