General Bench

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General Bench
Location: East of Wood Shop, North of Stainglass. Along North wall in Main area.
Shop Colors:    
Shop Captain(s): Stephen Beaton
Shop Email:
Slack Channel(s): #general-bench


The General Bench at Tinkermill's serves as a versatile workspace accessible to all members, fostering a collaborative environment for creativity and innovation. This communal bench is open to both members and non-members, offering a diverse range of tools and equipment to facilitate a wide array of projects.

Community Guidelines[edit]

To ensure a safe and collaborative environment, all users are expected to adhere to Tinkermill's community guidelines. This includes proper tool usage, cleanliness, and respectful behavior towards fellow makers.

Tinkermill envisions the General Bench as a dynamic space where ALL diverse talents converge, fostering a spirit of creativity and mutual support. Whether you're a seasoned maker or a novice enthusiast, the General Bench is the heart of our community, where ideas take shape, and collaboration flourishes.

General Bench Access[edit]

The General Bench is a shared workspace designed for the convenience and accessibility of all individuals, irrespective of their membership status. It encourages inclusivity and collaboration among community members, enabling them to work side by side on various projects.

Activities at the General Bench[edit]

Users can engage in a multitude of activities at the General Bench, including but not limited to:

  • Assembly and Disassembly: Perfect for assembling prototypes or breaking down components.
  • Small-Scale Fabrication: Creation of minor structures, components, or prototypes.
  • Basic Electronics Work: Ideal for simple electronic projects and repairs.
  • Crafting and Design: Space for artisans and designers to bring their ideas to life.

Prohibited Activities[edit]

While the General Bench accommodates a diverse set of projects, certain types of work are restricted to specialized shops within the facility. The following activities are not permitted at the General Bench:

  • Heavy Metal Fabrication: Large-scale metalworking requiring heavy machinery.
  • Woodworking for Large Structures: Construction of sizable wooden structures.
  • Advanced Electronics Prototyping: Projects involving intricate circuitry and equipment to do so.
  • Chemical or Hazardous Material Handling: Activities requiring specialized ventilation or advanced safety protocols.