Flex-6400 SDR.

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Flex 6400.

This radio can be accessed remotely and there are special procedures in place to allow the use of this radio to happen in an orderly way. To get access to the Flex, you will need to talk to the shop captain that will do the certification and give you the credentials to connect.

Start up and shut down.

1. The SDR software has provision for different profiles to be loaded, Please load / save your own profile and do not update any profiles but your own. Export and save you profile since the radio might need a reset in which case you will lose this profile.

2. The radio must always be left connected to ANT2 when you disconnect. ANT2 is connected to a dummy load and that will allow some protection to the radio during thunderstorms.

The remote control capabilities are currently limited to accessing the radio, We do not have remote antenna switching and/or rotor control as yet. The radio can also be operated locally in the shack. The boom microphone and foot switch is connected to the Flex.