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This page is to give pointers to useful resources for folks working on ESS/IoT projects.


Software Development Environments[edit]

  • One of the most important environment that lets you program a lot of platforms for ESS/IoT is the Arduino platform. Learning the Arduino IDE will stand you in good stead.


A key part of IoT is the ability of systems to communicate with each other. Many of the popular protocols discussed in the following resources.


  • One of the best tutorials is at HiveMQ. Look over the entire site, there is stuff here on the basics of MQTT, security, etc.


There are a variety of hardware platforms helpful to ESS/IoT. Some are chipset that put a lot of power in a small package but require you to do a lot of work to connect them up, to platforms like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, and others, that can get you moving quickly.

Raspberry Pi[edit]