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A variety of CAD systems are used by Tinkermill users.

We have been encouraged and supported in our develeopment by Dessault Systems and Go Engineer which we are grateful for.

Solidworks by Dessault Systems[edit]

Solidworks for Makers[edit]

Tinkermill has been extended a discount that is available to our members of their new 3DExperience/Solidworks for Makers software tool set. This is a very advanced set of tools including both Solidworks Professional (for Makers) as well as their 3DExpereince integrated online design tools as well as their Community space which is a tremendous way to engage with the wider designer/maker community and experts on many fronts. Solidworks skills are an excellent tool set to take to many undertakings, both personal and professions. Info about Solidworks for Makers can be found here:

Please send a DM via the Tinkermill Slack channel to === Landis Arnold === to get the discount signup Link, which will take you on your way.

Solidworks Premier at Tinkermill[edit]

At Tinkermill there are a number of work stations which have Solidworks Premier versions (2017-2021) installed and available for use. This is the full commercial version of Solidworks and its related programs.

We are developing now a dedicated shop where shop members will be able to share their knowledge and further the capability of integrating skill sets, tool sets and methodologies.

For Commercial projects, Solidworks Premier can be installed on members personal laptops. Again, contact === Landis Arnold === for installation details and help. (one on one classes may be involved for this as it is quite time consuming). These installations can be used at Tinkermill the way that TM Workstations are also used.

Solidworks Standard through Premier) is available directly and used by a very wide number of organizations around the globe. We have been very happy with GoEngineer as a resource.

Fusion 360[edit]

Fusion 360 is a widely used package developed by AutoDesk, the developers of AutoCad and many other computer aided design packages. It is available both in the full package as a yearly subscription. There is also a Personal use version which many at Tinkermill have used succesfully. Its info is here:

Other Cad Systems[edit]

There are many and we will detail more as time allows. Many are available as "web extensions" and others as "desktop installs". Our Slack Channels can be helpful for sharing experience and knowledge about them. We will explore and link details here as well.

Cross Shop integration[edit]

Inherently this is "cross shop" in its application as CAD and CAM can be used in nearly every aspect of Tinkermill's focus areas and endeavors.

Tools are available from CAD systems to output towards 3D printing, Laser Cutting, Shopbot and Mitek Milling paths. More importantly, developers can learn to sketch, detail, and evaluate their designs before taking them into physical form and can do so in a relatively intuitive and very detailed manners.