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The Tormeck is an incredibly capable sharpening tool and unlike grinding on a high speed grinder, it will protect the metal hardness of the cutting tool while restoring a damaged or dull blade. The jigs will insure proper angles on a blade.

This is not a standard grinder. It is a low speed water grinder. The stone wheel can be have an effective 220 or 1000 grit surface. Read the manuals for more information

Before using the tool, understand these rules:

  • Never operate the tool without water.
  • Read the manuals before operation.
  • Suggested: Talk to someone who has used it before for a quick hands-on in person tutorial, about 10 minutes.
  • Suggested Videos to watch:

-These videos do not replace reading the manuals!!

  • Overview of the T-7 (TinkerMill has a T-8 the newest model):
  • T-8 features highlights:
  • Outline of the different Jigs. There are PDFs of the relevant jigs for proper usage associated with each jig page.

Other Resources:

  • Sharpening Chisels: