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Each shop at TinkerMill has a Shop Captain or group of Shop Co-Captains responsible for it. Shop Captain duties include:

  • Ensuring that the shop is clean, organized, and safe,
  • Ensuring that all shop equipment and tools are maintained in good working order,
  • Ensuring that all shop equipment and tools are obviously marked with the appropriate shop colors,
  • Ensuring that basic introductory classes are held at least once per month,
  • Ensuring that tool certification classes are held at least once per month,
  • Participating in ongoing communications about the shop with TinkerMill members, other shop captains, and the general public,
  • Maintaining an accurate roster of certifications, certification instructors, and certified members for certification-required tools and equipment,
  • Maintaining an adequate stock of consumable shop supplies,
  • Preparing and following an annual financial budget, and
  • Personally attending the monthly Shop Captain/Admin meetings or sending a shop representative.

List of Shop Captains

Shop Shop Captains
Blacksmithing Scott Laurel (Acting)
Classroom Lynne Davis
Electronics Joe Augustaitus
Internet of Things Gavin Adams
Foundry John Stechschulte
Lampworking Jordan Baumgardner
Ham Radio Sebastian Wessels
IT_Infrastructure Greg Fischer, Bruce Welker
Jewelry and Metalcraft Crystal Hinds (
Machine Shop Sebastian Wessels, Robert Moler, Richard Ackley
Photography Bob Rosinsky
Pottery/Ceramics Barb Goff
Rapid Prototyping Tyler Dow, Keegan Shorrock
Robotics Richard Paasch
Stained Glass Kelli Wildman
Sculpture Diane Goldenstein
ShopBot Matt Stallard
Textiles Landis Arnold, Chad Marks
Welding Frank Newberry
Woodshop Diane Goldenstein, Jeff Moore, John Stechschulte

Shop Captain Resources

Setting Up Information Signage For Your Shop