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The main antenna is a Mosley Pro-67 mounted at 65 feet on a Rohn-25G tower. This antenna covers 40m (3el), 30m (1el), 20m (3el), 17m (2el), 15m(3el), 12m (2el) and 10m (4el). The antenna is turned with a Yaesu G2800 rotor.

The shack is very much under construction and the next steps would be to finish up the grounding and install 208V

Existing equipment:

1. Flex-5000 SDR Radio.

2. Icom 756 Radio.

3. Dell Computer with dual 1920 x 1080 displays.

4. Astron 35A 13.8V Power supply.

5. MFJ-1128 Power strip with Anderson Power pole connectors.

6. Daiwa Power Meter.

Planned equipment:

1. Alpha 9500 Amplifier.

2. IRLP Node on 2m or 220 Mhz.

3. 80/160m antenna.

4. 2m, 220 & 440 Mhz antennas.