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TinkerMill has a very well equipped Electronics Area for member use. Long time members with many small projects, or product developers doing something absolutely new – gather in the TinkerMill Electronics Area. More than just the availability of superior technology for testing, there are like minded interesting people to find collaboration with. With an open layout, people 'working' in electronics are in visual and verbal communication with other unrelated areas. Electronics is bordered by the kitchen, the laser cutter, and rapid prototyping. A tight circle for product developers than includes food preparation. Beer is food.

On Wednesdays at 6:15 pm there is a Soldering Class that affords 4 students 2 teachers and runs approx 3 hours. Starts at the white boards – goes practical with Mechanical, Electrical, & Electronics soldering and desoldering.

On Saturdays at 4pm there is an Intro to the Electronics Area that runs less than an hour to discover what the heck we have and how to use it. Shop etiquette.

RSVP & Payment on MeetUp note: Member discount for classes should be paid at the front desk; non-members may pay online or at TinkerMill. All must RSVP. Classes or meetings lacking RSVPs may be cancelled.

Electronics Shop Captain email

Here are some resources for new members and the public at-large.

Practical use of tools on our bench: Tip Change Video

The electronics classes often use this document Symbols reference chart for electronic schematics.

Members: Free SMD Parts available These parts have appeared in a bin on the west side of the south bench. Bagged and tagged, they are available as part of the #Free_Table. They can be art too.

The documents linked below are available only to members of TinkerMill.

These are resources available to members via Press Send, a co-operative licencee of TinkerMill. Available parts shown here are (usually) free to TinkerMillians for project hacking. These are spread sheets on TinkerMill's Google account. Members should log into Google with their TinkerMill credentials to see the stock parts available squirreled away in an office in the building.

This is a benefit of membership at TinkerMill

Test Equipment & Manuals

Rigol DS1000E Digital Oscilloscope LCR-T4 Mega328 Transistor Tester Diode Triode Capacitance ESR