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The blacksmithing shop is located in the back bay area adjacent to the welding shop. We have several gas forges, a coal forge, several anvils and a power hammer. We are always looking to add equipment and tools when we can. Our group communicates through the #blacksmithing channel on Slack and through in-person meetings advertised on


Getting Started[edit]

Blacksmithing Shop Safety 
This basic safety class covers the safe ignition, operation, and shut down of the gas forge; safe use of the hammers, anvils, and other hand tools.

Course Listing[edit]

Basic Blacksmithing
This project-based class will teach you basic hammer control and the techniques necessary to make some small, but useful, items.
Blacksmithing Power Tools 
This intermediate class covers the safe use of the power tools in the blacksmithing area including our drill press, angle grinders, abrasive cutoff saw, and band saws.
Heat Treating 
This class teaches you how and when to heat treat steel, how to achieve your desired results, and what happens in steel at the atomic level during the heat treating process.
We offer seasonal workshops and demonstrations by blacksmiths from around the country. These workshops are generally between two and six hours and the topics vary depending on the instructor.


Teaching is sharing and inspiring others to learn and share. Here are a few ways this can be accomplished:

  • Think, Pair, Share
  • Mentorship
  • Projects
  • Techniques
  • Open studio
  • Certification instructor

Contact the shop captain to learn more, or visit Teaching Classes

Equipment & Tools[edit]

The blacksmithing shop at TinkerMill currently contains:

  • Gas forges
  • Coal forge
  • Several anvils of various sizes
  • Hammers
  • Tongs
  • Twisting Tools
  • Layout table
  • Post vise

Cleaning & Maintenance[edit]

  • Please keep all work ares clean and free from debris.
  • Return all tools to its designated place.
  • Place trash in appropriate receptacles.
  • Sweep and vacuum as necessary.

Resources & References[edit]

Blacksmithing Publications from The Rural Crafts Centre at Herefordshire and Ludlow College:
Back Issues of the Hammer's Blow from ABANA:
Back Issues of the Anvil's Ring from ABANA:
Forging Capabilities Chart: