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If you are having trouble using Slack, you are in the right place. Slack strives to be easy to use, but it is not always straightforward for everyone. The following list will be fleshed out as time permits and Tinkermill members contribute their solutions. Feel free. :-)


  • Getting into your account
    • First. Have you taken the New Member Orientation class? To log in to Slack you will need a TinkerMill email address. These are created for you when you attend a new member orientation. New member orientations are held the first and third Wednesday of each month. The next orientation will be posted on the TinkerMill MeetUp calendar. We do require that you RSVP at least 48hrs in advance on Here is a link to the meetup calendar.

. Once you have a TinkerMill email address, you will use those credentials to log in to the TinkerMill Slack channel.

  • Tour: What can be done, Where is everybody, What is most useful
  • Joining/Starring/Quitting channels
  • Setting notification preferences and status
  • Direct messaging
  • Etiquette and Best Practices
  • Commenting and threads
  • Transferring/Sharing messages between channels
  • Adding links and photos
  • Shortcuts
  • Pinning information
  • Starting a new channel