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Here is a list of local vendors for plastic.
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<p><b>Colorado Plastics</b><br>
2015 500 S. Arthur Ave.<br />
Louisville, CO, 80027<br />
1-800-398-9271 or 303-443-9271<br />
<i>4th Friday Remnant Sale<br /></i>
<p><b>Port Plastics</b><br>
5150 Havana St<br />
Denver, CO 80239<br>
(303) 371-2976<br>
Open 8-5 M-F<br>
4211 South Natches Court, Unit K<br />
Englewood, Colorado 80110<br>
(303) 781-1171<br>
Open Monday- Friday 7:30 AM to 5 PM CLOSED WEEKENDS<br>

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