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(REVENUE Streams)
(Lynne Davis stepped down as classroom captain and returned the space to general use.)
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== Jan. 2019 ==
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the TinkerMill classroom has reverted to a general purpose space as of July 2020.
: The vision for the classroom at TinkerMill is to become an evolving space to support multiple purposes with a focus on learning, kids programs, and TinkerMill promotion. A proposal is being prepared to begin transforming it into such a place starting in 2019. Input of all kinds is being sought, as are interested, resourceful, and motivated members to help with the planning and execution. Please contact lynne.davis@tinkermill.org for more info or to take part.
=== PURPOSE ===
: Early thoughts for adapting the space include:
: - A space for younger members of TinkerMill, existing organizations for youth and school groups in the area. The classroom has the potential for kids to experience TinkerMill as a STEAM makerspace and entrepreneurial training ground  (e.g. "Junior Achievement" and tech competitions) in a safe and structured environment (and without a parent attached to their hip.)
: - A community meeting room for Longmont and surrounding locale. e.g. space rental
: - A scaled back facsimile of TinkerMill (mini-shops) or just colorful posters to introduce our capabilities during public and personal tours and member meetings that could help bring into focus the often overwhelming nature of the larger space.
: - An area for painting on easels
: - An all-purpose room - easily configurable
: - Movies, presentations, theatre
: - Games
: - Public computer (instead of at the front door)
: - Building models, hobbies, paper-type crafts, holiday activities (halloween, e.g.)
: - Member meetings (of course)
: - "U-Fix-It" events
: - Table-top photography
=== REVENUE Streams ===
: - Classes
: -- Projects
: -- Theory
: -- The Teacher's Maker Sandbox Experience - Professional Development for teachers to be immersed in the Maker experience of building STEAM projects based on work being done at [http://k12maker.mit.edu MIT Edgerton Center] and their [http://k12maker.mit.edu/teacher-training-workshops.html Teacher Training Workshops]
: - Kids memberships?
: - Fundraisers (holiday, seasonal, etc.) Semi-annual or quarter-annual Make-It events
: -- Auction at Winter Make-it Competition - Design challenge between TinkerMill shops to make their version of something - like snowflakes, spoons, mobile art?
: -- Scavenger hunt that takes people to all shops to do or find something only that shop has, e.g.:
: --- the wing of a fly - in Electronics at microscope
: --- Superhero cape - in Sewing
: --- Silver rose - Metal Craft
: - Community events - space rental

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the TinkerMill classroom has reverted to a general purpose space as of July 2020.