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The TinkerMill has a wonderful and complete woodworking shop. We communicate using Slack in #woodshop for tool repair status and event coordination.

The wood shop is a great place to learn basic woodworking and more advanced woodworking skills.

The wood shop at TinkerMill

Top things you should know about the Wood Shop[edit]

1. Woodshop classes are taught every month. You must take the Wood Shop Introduction and Safety class (Wood Shop 101) before using any of the power tools that are not hand power tools. All TinkerMill members can use hand non-powered and hand power tools. All larger power tools, such as the drill press, chop saw among others can be used after taking a certification class. The ShopBot and Lathe have their own separate certification classes. See the MeetUp calendar https://www.meetup.com/LongmontHackerSpace/events/upcoming for the coming classes.

2. The Wood Shop Community are on Wednesdays at 7pm. Special topics will be announced on MeetUp or on Slack. If you have questions and want to meet folks consider stopping by on Wednesday at 7pm in the Wood Shop.

3. The SawStop table saw is incredibly accurate, powerful and full of safety features. It can be used after the wood shop certification class.

4. Every user of the space is responsible for cleaning up during and after your project. There is no cleaning service. If you don't clean up your mess another TinkerMill Member will be forced to clean up and you may loose privileges to use the space. Follow the 105% rule - Leave the space 5% better than the way you found it.

5. The Wood Shop is for wood projects only. Do not use any of the tools on non-wood. The general work bench in the main room has tools to be used for other materials.

Tool and Room Usage[edit]

Checkout MeetUp to find out when the next class or Community Night will be held.

Directions for Shopbot http://wiki.tinkermill.org/index.php/ShopBot

Laser Cutter information http://wiki.tinkermill.org/index.php/Laser_Cutter


We are building classes that are offered in the Wood Shop. The Wood Shop is built on the idea that anyone can learn wood working and some people have varying levels of previous experience. There are no prerequisite for any class except member orientation for equipment with Tinker Access. Please take them in any order you are comfortable with. Classes are taught by volunteers and are scheduled based on volunteer availability. We attempt to offer Wood Shop 101, Wood Shop 201, and Saw Stop Certification at least once a month. Other classes may be offered based on demand. If a class is of interest, contact a shop captain or message on Slack.

1. Wood Shop 101

Learn how to use the drill press, belt sander, band saw, miter saw (aka chop saw), panel saw and dust collection system. Also covers shop safety and usage policies.

2. Wood Shop 201

This course covers how to use more advanced tools in the wood shop such as the router, planer, joiner, and drum sander. Also covers shop safety and usage policies.

3. Saw Stop Certification (requires member orientation with Tinker Access fob) Learn how to use the table saw. Safety orientation. Adjustments on the saw, change blades, install dado stack, change the SawStop brake cartridge, building special sleds and fixtures to enhance your knowledge of the capabilities of the table saw. Tinkermill membership is required to use the saw outside of this class. Also covers shop safety and usage policies.

4. Make a Wooden Spoon (Wood Shop 105)(not currently offered)

Learn how to use chisels and gouges to shape wood by hand. Simple power tools such as the band saw and belt sander. The rough contours are created and then progressively finer sandpaper is used to smooth the wood. Finally the spoon is sealed with a food safe finish. Also covers shop safety and usage policies.

5. Lathe Certification (requires member orentation with Tinker Access fob)

Get certified to use the Lathe. This is a specialized tool and requires specific safety instruction. Also covers shop safety and usage policies.

6. Make a Birdhouse (not currently offered)

7. Make a Jewelry Box (Wood Shop 205)(not currently offered)

Learn about rough stock selection, resawing stock on the band saw, and designing projects with wood movement in mind while building a small box (approx. 4"x4"x6"). The techniques in this class can be easily applied to larger boxes and chests as well as bookshelves and things with drawers. Approximately 10-12 hours of shop time spread over 4 sessions. Some experience or Woodshop 201 recommended.

Tools with no certification requirement before use[edit]

Here is not a comprehensive list of tools. Read up here to find operations manuals and some usage guidelines.

The dust collection tools are vital for maintaining a safe environment in the wood shop. Everyone should be familiar with their function and appropriate use:

Any member may use:

Tools Requiring Certification[edit]

The below tools require certification before use. Members can use these tools at any time once they are certifified for use on the individual tool. In most cases, certification is through a hands on-class.

(Wood Shop 101):

(Wood Shop 201):

(SawStop Certification)

Lathe Certification Also covers shop safety and usage policies. :

While this tool is not in the Wood Shop, it is a great resource for sharpening tools in the shop.

  • Tormek - This is a wet grinding stone and is capable of producing finely sharpened tools.

How to Help[edit]

We always need folks to help maintain this volunteer space. Items marked (anyone) can be done by anyone who has completed Wood Shop 101.

Weekly Maintenance

1. Shop Vac empty (anyone)

2. Clean out cabinet on SawStop. Dust and debris accumulates inside the cabinet. Vacuumm it up.(anyone)

3. Knock out filter on Mobile Dust Collector. Empty Bag. (needed more than weekly) (anyone)

4. Swap blade on SawStop let soak in fluid. (Shop Captains)

5. Dust collector empty (anyone)

6. Swap Blade on Compound Miter Saw (Shop Captains)

7. Inspect Jointer and Planer blades for nicks (Wood Shop 201)

8. Inspect Powermatic Air Filter and clean if necessary. (anyone) [Video to change the Powermatic air filter]


Further learning and where to find supplies


Great Series of Videos on all wood working topics


1. Stan’s Hardwood


2. Woodcraft in Loveland


3. Austin Hardwoods in Denver (right off I-25 at Broadway) Many species stocked in thicknesses from 4/4 through 16/4.

Will mill rough stock to S3S (three sides flat, smooth and square to each other) for $0.30/bf


Woodworking Tools

Dewalt DWE7491rs

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