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The Classroom at Tinkermill is an evolving space to support multiple purposes with a focus on learning and Tinkermill promotion.


Early thoughts for the space include:
- A space for younger members of Tinkermill, existing organizations for youth and school groups in the area. The classroom has the potential for kids to experience Tinkermill as a STEAM makerspace and entreprenureal training ground (e.g. "Junior Achievement" and tech competitions) in a safe and structured environment (and without a parent attached to their hip.)
- A community meeting room for Longmont and surrounding locale. e.g. space rental
- A scaled back facsimile of Tinkermill (mini-shops) or just colorful posters to introduce our capabilities during public and personal tours and member meetings that could help bring into focus the often overwhelming nature of the larger space.
- An area for painting on easels
- An all-purpose room - easily configurable
- Movies, presentations, theatre
- Games
- Public computer (instead of at the front door)
- Building models, hobbies, paper-type crafts, holiday activities (halloween, e.g.)
- Member meetings (of course)
- "U-Fix-It" bench
- Table-top photography

REVENUE Streams[edit]

- Classes
-- Projects
-- Theory
- Kids memberships?
- Fund-raisers (holiday, seasonal, etc.)
- Community event - space rental