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Jan. 2019[edit]

The vision for the classroom at TinkerMill is to become an evolving space to support multiple purposes with a focus on learning, kids programs, and TinkerMill promotion. A proposal is being prepared to begin transforming it into such a place starting in 2019. Input of all kinds is being sought, as are interested, resourceful, and motivated members to help with the planning and execution. Please contact for more info or to take part.


Early thoughts for adapting the space include:
- A space for younger members of TinkerMill, existing organizations for youth and school groups in the area. The classroom has the potential for kids to experience TinkerMill as a STEAM makerspace and entrepreneurial training ground (e.g. "Junior Achievement" and tech competitions) in a safe and structured environment (and without a parent attached to their hip.)
- A community meeting room for Longmont and surrounding locale. e.g. space rental
- A scaled back facsimile of TinkerMill (mini-shops) or just colorful posters to introduce our capabilities during public and personal tours and member meetings that could help bring into focus the often overwhelming nature of the larger space.
- An area for painting on easels
- An all-purpose room - easily configurable
- Movies, presentations, theatre
- Games
- Public computer (instead of at the front door)
- Building models, hobbies, paper-type crafts, holiday activities (halloween, e.g.)
- Member meetings (of course)
- "U-Fix-It" events
- Table-top photography

REVENUE Streams[edit]

- Classes
-- Projects
-- Theory
- Kids memberships?
- Fundraisers (holiday, seasonal, etc.) Semi-annual or quarter-annual Make-It events
-- Auction at Winter Make-it Competition - Design challenge between TinkerMill shops to make their version of something - like snowflakes, spoons, mobile art?
-- Scavenger hunt that takes people to all shops to do or find something only that shop has, e.g.:
--- the wing of a fly - in Electronics at microscope
--- Superhero cape - in Sewing
--- Silver rose - Metal Craft
- Community events - space rental